For foreigners - FAQ

Nice to meet you :)

Thank you for visiting our websites. If you read this you are probably interested in our kittens and you may have some questions. Please feel free to contact us via e-mail ( or via facebook (Baghi's Kingdom).

1. Can I buy a kitten from you although I´m not from your country?

Yes, you can. Just contact us :)

2. Does your kitten have a pedigree?

Yes, all our kittens have a pedigree and they are registered under FIFe.

3. Is the kitten suitable for breeding?

It depends on the kitten and sometimes on the country you are from. We are bound by some rules by the breeders we have our cats from. For example, we cannot sell Simona´s kittens for breeding purposes to Russia.

4. Is the kitten vaccinated?

Yes, all the kittens are vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped. They will have a statement from a veterinarian that they are healthy before shipping. If you are from country with specific requirements, it can be neccessary to undergo another vaccination.

5. Is worldwide shipping possible?

Yes, it is possible. You can arrange the shipping or we can assist with that.

6. What´s the price?

It depends on the fact if you want the kitten as a pet or for breeding. A kitten for breading usually costs twice more than a kitten as a pet. Plus shipping costs.

7. Do you want a reservation deposit and is it refundable?

Yes, we want a reservation deposit and it is refundable only in two cases:

a) the kitten becomes ill before shipping and you are not willing to wait for recovery

b) the kitten dies before shipping

8. Can I see the contract?

Yes, you can. Here´s the prototype of the contract:

When we are agreed, we will send you the contract for signing. You will sign it and send us the rest of the price. When we get it, we will arrange the shipping and all the things that are connected with that process - we will inform you about every step we make.